Congratulations to our colleagues Marta Ruiz and Thais Grancha whom takes home the Best Thesis Award and Best postdoc Publication from the Women Talent Programme at ICN2.

Last Monday, 7th March our colleagues Marta Ruiz and Thais Grancha attended the Women Talent Programme event, ICN2, Spain, organized by the ICN2 Equal Opportunities Committee.

With the title "Design, characterization and optimization of a novel liposomal based food supplement against chronic fatigue syndrome", Marta's contribution to the event was recognized with the Best Thesis Award supervised by Dra. Encarna García Montoya and Prof. Dr. Daniel Maspoch. Since finishing her thesis in ICN2, Marta has continued her professional career as a Pharmaceutical Development Specialist in TOWA Pharmaceutical Europe, her current position.

In addition, Dr. Thais Grancha, with the article entitled “Synthesis of polycarboxylate Rh(II)-metal-organic polyhedra and their use as building blocks for highly-connected metal-organic frameworks” published in the prestigious international journal Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. with the participation of other NanoUp members such as Laura Hernández-López, Akim Khobotov, Dr. Arnau Carné-Sánchez, Dr. Inhar Imaz and Prof. Dr. Daniel Maspoch among others, was awarded with the Best postdoc Publication. Since finishing her postdoc in ICN2, Thais has continued her professional career as a Research Technician in AIMPLAS, Valencia, her current position.


Congratulations both of you!


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