Our colleague Dr. Vincent Guillerm has been granted a BIST-IGNITE joint project with Dr. Tania Patiño from IBEC. Congratulations!

Vincent will be co-leading this new, BIST funded IGNITE project -MOFtors- in collaboration with Dr. Tania Patiño from IBEC.


Part of the project members during the kickoff meeting
Prof. Daniel Maspoch, Dr. Vincent Guillerm, Dr. Tania Patiño, Prof. Samuel Sanchez and Xavier Arqué

Project abstract:
In our project, MOFtors, we propose to construct for the first time enzyme-powered motors based on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and as a long-term goal to use them for environmental and biomedical applications.
For this purpose, we aim to take advantage of a new type of solid-gas chemistry (clip-off chemistry) developed at ICN2 to create mesoporosity in microporous MOFs. Such rare coexistence of two distinct types of porosity in a multicompartmental material could then be used for distinct purposes:
-Create an enzyme powered self-propelled motor, thanks to the pioneer expertise of IBEC, by encapsulating enzymes in the MOF mesopores (shot term)
-Use the microporosity of the optimized MOFtor for adsorption/release of small molecules of interest such as drugs and pollutants (long term)

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